The Little Prince

I’ve been working on Moby Dick since probably Thanksgiving of last year and am about halfway through at the moment. Oh my god, that thing is a tome and dense. It’s good and the writing is amazing but still, so very long! In the middle of this I took a brief interlude to read The Little Prince by Antoine de  Saint-Exupery at the behest of Joseph, my nemesis and friend that is kind enough to let me use his mats to keep the ring rust at bay. At the end of our weekly therapy/training session we were talking and we always end up going back to how a lot of modern life/society isn’t real. It’s all pretend and a construct! The grind that most of us must work in order to survive is exhausting and clouds perspective. To remedy this and to remind himself not to take things too seriously, Joseph likes to reread The Little Prince and was kind enough to lend me his copy which was really cool since it was an older edition that he found at a used bookstore!

The book, itself! I was not prepared to cry so much at the end. The part that got me was when the Little Prince finally got to earth and met the fox, after having met various characters, each with their own unique profession and respective planet, he is disillusioned. This feeling is further amplified since having landed in a desert, Earth appears uninhabited. However, the fox befriends him and explains to him what it means to tame him. Which is basically the Little Prince singling him out to make him special and the Little Prince being made special in the fox’s eyes. When they parted ways, it was the first time I started crying with this book. That week my dog was diagnosed with heartworm and it is treatable but it’s still a little scary. I’m fortunate to be in a position to be able to afford the treatments but they do put her at risk for embolism. As the medication kills off the worms, their decaying bodies can break off and cause the embolism. So it’s super important to keep her heart rate from elevating which is difficult since she is such a happy pup and the epitome of frolick. 

That’s really all I have to say about this book. It was really good and it is a book that I’ve finished this year but it just made me so sad because I think of my dog and how much I love her and how she’s changed me. I never saw myself as someone who would let a dog sleep in their bed but here we are! 

That being said, I got my second dose of the vaccine and will be street legal next week. I cannot wait to get back to the mats and training with my team! It’s going to be so fun to get my ass kicked by someone that’s not Joseph! 

The Little Prince